The  Ultimate Guide to Love and Relationships:
How to Have the Best Damn Relationship You've Never Had!

This course is usually $199. We charge $250 an hour in person. Here, for only $29, you'll change your life and learn how to create a loving relationship:


21 Video Lectures, 2.5 hours

The course is based on Don and Nicole's extensive professional and personal experience of relationships. Follow along as they teach you how to create a solid, loving, healthy, and long-lasting relationship. 21 video lessons and lots of handouts help you succeed where it matters most: your relationship!


The 2-Part Relationship Recipe

The first part of the course covers the areas where couples struggle. You'll learn about the 13 toxins that damage and eventually destroy your relationship. Then, we cover the 12 pillars that will help provide you with a solid foundation  and other life- and love-changing tools to help you shift your relationship to a higher level.


The Forgotten Keys of Love

Relationships are a mystery. We learn a bunch of crap from our parents that doesn't work for them and then miraculously expect to have an amazing relationship with someone we really care about. We really love them but can't relate to them. Learn about the forgotten keys of a loving relationship in the course.


The Online Advantage

Take the course, watch the videos, and read the handouts at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. No rushing to get to a counselor's office, trying to find a babysitter, and then finding out that the counseling didn't really help much. Save time, money, and effort learning from experts.

  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Handouts
  • FAQs

Additional Course Material to Help You Succeed in Love

7 downloadable resources you can keep - forever! Refer back to them as often as you need. 

  • Worksheet 1: The Basic Good Relationship Checklist
  • Worksheet 2: Checking In
  • Worksheet 3: The 13 Toxins That Poison Relationships
  • Worksheet 4: Relationship Questions to Consider
  • Worksheet 5: The 12 Pillars
  • A Vocabulary for Conscious Connection (PDF Download)
  • Gratitude (PDF Download)

On sale NOW until March 1, 2019.  

Only $29!

Here's what you get:

2.5 hours of video

Full lifetime access

7 downloadable resources

Learn on your own schedule

30-day money-back guarantee

Have an amazingly better relationship


Don Nenninger

Relationship Expert

Don Nenninger is an author and co-author of 4 books focused on improving relationships. Don has 20+ years experience helping people design a fulfilling life that centers on loving relationships, abundance, energy, vitality, and uncovering the subconscious stories we tell ourselves. Don has a masters degree in psychology, is a certified school psychologist as well as a law degree. He was co-host of Living Well a show focused on the ways callers could have better relationships. Don has a private practice in New York and works with clients world-wide.

Nicole Nenninger

Relationship Expert

Nicole Nenninger has 2 masters degrees, one in psychology and another in marriage & family therapy. She is a former co-host of a local weekly tv show Living Well, and is the author of Transforming Divorce and co-author with her husband Don of Warrior and Goddess in Love. Nicole has nearly 2 decades of experience helping hundreds of clients with issues such as self-esteem and confidence, divorce and breakups, finding your soul mate, and relationships. She has a private practice in New York and works with clients world-wide. Find out more about Nicole on

What Our Students Have to Say


Take this course! It helped save my marriage!  I had no idea how to get our marriage back. Sometimes I thought we should just divorce. I blamed my husband for a lot not realizing how damaging that was. I learned how I could turn toward love again and reconnect with my husband. You can't put a price on that. TRY THIS COURSE! I LOVED IT!!  Jane S., Married 10 years, 3 children


You won't find anything better out there. My wife and I tried marriage counseling and we quit after 2 sessions. We wanted to do something different and we're so glad we did!  Matthew M., 2nd marriage, married 2 years, 1 child


I was looking for a program for engaged couples. A friend recommended Don and Nicole's course. I can't even begin to express how grateful I am that I took the course. They don't teach you this in premarital counseling or classes. What they teach you is a gift for a lifetime.  Brooke D., Engaged



The Ultimate Guide to Love and Relationships is a comprehensive online course that equips couples and individuals with proven relationship strategies and advice you can use to increase the quality of love in your life. 

The Ultimate Guide to Love and Relationships is unlike any other relationship course out there. Using their extensive backgrounds in relationships, psychology, and personal development; Don and Nicole Nenninger not only teach you what it takes to create a loving, healthy, and long-lasting relationship; but they show you how and why to do it as well. Packed with information not found in other courses, Don and Nicole will help you create the relationship of your dreams. 

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