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Don & Nicole Nenninger, co-hosts of Living Well, have written books on relationships, parenting, divorce, and happiness. Their books are available for purchase on If you're ready for more in your life, read these books!



How to Be the Happiest Person You Know: Live Like Your Life Depends on It (Inspired Life Series Book 1)

Written by Don Nenninger. How the hell can a person expect to be happy today? There's the bad news, the internet, the advertising, the this and that, and society's rules and reins pulling you. Sometimes it's too much. But there's even more bad news. Now, we're over medicated so we can't think straight. We're overworked and over-stressed to the point we can't feel anything anymore. We're lost. And, today that's what is considered normal. Really? Does that sound normal to you? Me either. This book, Part 1 of the 4 part Inspired Life Series is about you. Helping you to find a way to start the shift into a new mindset that allows happiness to flow through you rather than you chasing it. What's "it?" The illusion you're sold. Finding a way to experience happiness isn't always easy, so this book will help you to refocus on the important things in life. Although there is no guarantee- because so much of our life is left to our choice- you'll have a better chance to experience the happiness that life can bring when you let it flow through you rather than chasing it. Ready to get your groove on and change your life? Let's Do It!



The Mindset Miracle: How to Change Your Life in 10 Days (Inspired Life Series Book 2)

Written by Don Nenninger. What if almost everything you’re been taught about your happiness, relationships, health, wealth and love wrong and instead is the cause of pain in your life? Well your mind set was developed through years of exposure to the negative, down-beat, can't do attitude. How do you think life will change? What do you think is going to help you make a change for the better?

Isn't this pain you'd rather get rid of?

Do you want to improve your health and finances? Do you want more love and intimacy with your partner? What needs to change for you to have more? Your Mindset! If you want more than just feeling lost in a society that over- stresses materialism, medication, commercialism, workaholism and strict societal compliance you're ready for a new mindset. A powerful mindset to counteract the negative effects of SRD. SRD is the suppression, repression and the depression and denial of your truth. SRD negatively affects your spirit, vitality, and relationships~and until you learn to change your beliefs and actions- your're stuck.Changing your mindset is the way to a life of happiness and gratitude, passion, love you desire, work that's meaningful and a way to tap the hidden intuitions within you! Ready for more in your life?


Real. Love. Guaranteed. (Inspired Life Series Book 3)

Written by Don and Nicole Nenninger. What if almost everything you thought you knew about relationships is actually causing your relationship to fail? Do want more for you and your loved one? Are you sick of living with the pain in your life you'd rather avoid? Do you crave more emotional intimacy with your partner? Are you in the same lame relationship- again? Are you tired of feeling alone? Are you unappreciated or arguing right and wrong? If so...the Warrior and Goddess need guidance that works for today! This book will show how changing your self changes your relationships and life. Your relationship will change to one of centered mindfulness and gratitude. You will learn how to lead a life of passion and create the love you desire. How? By learning to look inside and to trust and love the person who is already there- You! Are you ready to leave blame behind? Ask yourself- Are you ready to change your life?


Written by Don and Nicole Nenninger. There’s help! This transcript of their CD program shows how to achieve a healthy connection with your kids! We know many things about raising kids causes people stress! Read along with this transcript to start a new process of connection with your child. Undoubtedly, you want to create a safe and healthy family environment for your kids- but maybe your kids are slamming doors, arguing, explaining, reasoning, cajoling, convincing and bribing you? Is the mode of communication mainly tolerating your kid ignoring you, badgering you, or treating your poorly? Do you wonder why your child’s acting out? Have you tried being your kids ”best friend,” “rescuer,” “ostrich” or other ineffective role? Only to have that fall flat to? School psychologist and counselor Don Nenninger and his wife Nicole Nenninger, a marriage and family expert, discuss changes for a better family life! Learn how to act when your kid's acting out.


Written by Nicole Nenninger. In Transforming Divorce, author Nicole Nenninger shows you how to find your own answers to questions such as: Who am I now? Will I ever stop feeling so lonely? How do I get through the stress and the anger of divorce? How do I move on? How do I find a good lawyer? How will I survive financially? Will the kids be okay?
Divorce is not an end; it is the chance to create a life you love. Within this book are powerful tools for you to use to move forward in your life after the break-up of your relationship.
Nicole Nenninger has experienced the trauma of a bitter divorce and went from surviving to thriving. She has lived through what she is teaching you and has had many of those same feelings, thoughts, and experiences that most people encounter on their journey through divorce. If she can do it, so can you!
Nicole was devastated by the break-up of her 17-year marriage. The pain and anguish of divorce motivated her to create a better life for herself and her children. 
Nicole has 2 master's degrees: one in psychology and another in marriage and family therapy. She is dedicated to helping people discover their own potential. She is currently residing in New York with her new husband, 4 children, 2 dogs, and a cat. She is an avid runner and also works from home as a coach and as an author. Her website is



Written by Nicole Nenninger. 101 daily motivational messages to inspire and support you through divorce or a major relationship breakup. This is a collection of powerful reminders that you will make it through- and not just survive but thrive. We all need motivation and inspiration in our lives- especially during some of the toughest times. When you go through the breakup of a relationship, you may feel sad, lonely, frustrated and confused. Sometimes all you need to move forward is loving support. Think of this book as part of your support team. You don’t have to go it alone. These daily messages are meant to stir your soul and get you back on track to living the life you were meant to live- one of joy, purpose, and yes, of love. Use this book to remind yourself of the sacred being inside of you.

Nicole Nenninger is the author of Transforming Divorce, the Transforming Divorce Workbook, Attract Your Soul Mate as well as co-author of Real.Love.Guaranteed and The Conscious Parent. She has a private practice in NY and has worked with clients from all over the world. Nicole has a Master’s degree in psychology and another Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. As a woman who has experienced one of the worst divorces imaginable, she has personally chosen these inspiring messages to help you manage this very difficult and stressful time. If she can get through it, she knows you can too!

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