How to Get Over Divorce or a Relationship Breakup 
without Losing Your Mind or Yourself 


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Learn how to make divorce or a major relationship breakup into the best thing that ever happened to you.

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Why taking this course will change the way you look at love and life.


Learn how to fulfill all areas of your life to live a  more congruent, authentic life.

create a solid base

The 1st step is to create a solid and supportive foundation.

letting go

Learn to let go gracefully in a way that honors you and the relationship.

your  emotions

Work through + process your emotions so they don't run- or ruin- your life!

beginning Again

How to create a life you love and focus on creating your beautiful new future.

come up with a plan

Find your life purpose, choose goals, how to create a vision of your future.


Wrap up of all the incredible material . PLUS, free bonuses .

The Fastest Way to Get Back on Track!

Do you want to thrive (and feel alive!), not just survive after a breakup?

Breakup to Breakthrough is for those who need guidance and support, who are struggling to overcome the pain of a breakup and broken heart (not to mention lost dreams and an unclear future).

What You'll Discover in this Course:


Learn, Heal  and Grow

Transform your life from the inside-out using proven strategies that will get you motivated and focused on your future. You'll get exercises, examples, and tons of information to help you succeed.


The Recipe

There's a recipe you can follow to heal your heart and get excited again about life. You don't have to blindly stumble through a breakup, we'll guide you to your inspiring, authentically-you new life.


The Forgotten Key

Learn about the one aspect of a breakup that is extremely important, but often overlooked by other courses and coaches.  


The Advantage

There's an advantage to healing a broken heart, broken dreams, and a lost, murky future. There's an advantage to learning how to work through your intense emotions. The advantage? You learn to become empowered to take back  control of your life and create a new, more healthy, more authentic one.

What Others Are Saying:


Sara D. 

I've worked with Nicole and loved the results. When this course came out, she asked me if I wanted to try it. I didn't have to pay for the course, but I want you to know I would've paid top dollar for it! It's amazing! I feel like Nicole is in the background guiding me, motivating me, supporting me to move past my divorce. You'll learn a ton of stuff and she tells you what she went through so you feel like she gets it. I highly recommend this course if you want a way out of the pain of a broken heart and an unsure future.

Jen F.

I went through a major breakup and I was looking for some way to get me out of my funk and into a more positive state so I could start feeling like I was living my life again.  This course is packed with all kinds of exercises that were really eye-opening. I did the Values exercise and was blown away! And the Life Purpose exercise? She made it so easy- I don't know why I waited this long in my life to do this! No one should wait long to do this course either! The sooner you enroll, the sooner you'll feel better! I did!

Kris L.

I was really stuck in pain from my breakup of a  7-year relationship. I thought we were going to get married, but it just fell apart. I didn't want to repeat the negative stuff in my next relationship. I felt like a big chunk of my life was already spent doing that. Nicole does a great job addressing this and a lot more in this course. I felt like she really understood what it's like and also how to get past the pain and get on with life. My favorite video is the one where she does a meditation. The Wheel of Life and 13 Toxins handouts were also helpful.  If you're going through a breakup, I hope you take Nicole's course. It's a way to spend more time with yourself, on yourself, you'll learn a lot about yourself, and have a few aha moments, too.

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