95% of relationships will fail 
Ready to change your love life?


Only 5% of relationships work! Are you ready to be in that 5%? Then you need The Ultimate Guide to Love and Relationships: How to Have the Best Damn Relationship You've Never Had for:

  • More Love and Deeper Connection
  • Better Relationships
  • The Love of a Lifetime
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    Save Your Relationship or Determine if a Relationship is Right for You

21 video lectures, over 2.5 hours of video, handouts, exercises, and more! Watch anywhere, anytime.  


Is it too late? Has your relationship ended? The Breakup to Breakthrough: How to Get Over Divorce or a Relationship Breakup Without Losing Your Mind or Yourself course will show you how to:

  • Heal Your Broken Heart
  • Move on When Your World Has Crumbled
  • Renew Hope
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    Create a Plan of Inspired Action for Your New Life

33 video lessons, 3.5 hours of video, 9 handouts including a course journal, and so much more! Learn from the comfort of your home or on the go, whenever you want.

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FREE Report: Save Your Relationship! Learn the 13 Toxins that Destroy Relationships

Discover 13 huge mistakes couples make.

Don and Nicole have an amazing relationship course! I'm a client and they let me try out the program before it went on sale when I was in so much emotional pain. I'm in the middle of the course now and I'm excited to watch more of the videos. These guys are simple to understand and have incredible information! I've noticed a huge shift in the way I think about my relationship with my wife. I wish I had seen this years ago when we first got married. It would have saved us a ton of pain and misunderstanding. 

Joe D

Married 7 years

95% of people do relationships WRONG!
Want better?

You're tired of feeling stuck...

Same ol' life, same bad relationship ....now with a different person.

Days, months, years going by without change...more of the same....

Don't you deserve to have a loving relationship?

What is it costing you? What has been the cost already?

How does not having a great relationship affect other areas of your life? 

And if you've broken up, what is it going to take to heal your broken heart and dreams? How are you going to know how to not repeat the same old patterns and make the same old mistakes again?

Are you tired of things not changing or not knowing what to do?

Are you ready to shift into a real loving relationship - with yourself - and with your significant other? 

We'll get you to the 5% doing relationships RIGHT!

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Who are we? Meet Don and Nicole

Don Nenninger is an author and co-author of 4 books focused on improving relationships. Don has 20+ years experience helping people design a fulfilling life that centers on loving relationships, abundance, energy, vitality, and uncovering the subconscious stories we tell ourselves. Don has a masters degree in psychology, is a certified school psychologist and as well as a law degree. He was co-host of Living Well a show focused on the ways callers could have better relationships. Don has a private practice in New York and works with clients world-wide. 

Don Nenninger 

Nicole Nenninger has 2 masters degrees in psychology and marriage & family therapy. She is a former co-host of Living Well, and is the author of Transforming Divorce and co-author of Warrior and Goddess in Love. Nicole has nearly 2 decades of experience helping people with self-esteem and confidence, divorce and breakups, and relationships,. She's worked with hundreds of clients all over the world on issues such as healthy relationships, self-esteem, confidence, and divorce/breakups.  She has a private practice in New York.

Nicole Nenninger

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Learn how you can live an inspired life, create a loving and authentic relationship, and become your best self. 


Articles to help you live an inspired life. Discover how to live with more joy and happiness, love, peace and contentment, and purpose. 


Books written by husband & wife, Don & Nicole Nenninger. Topics include relationships, happiness, parenting, divorce, and more.

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